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LAB Launches new Branding and Website Design for Light Improvement Technology

LIT—Light Improvement Technology provides retrofits of lighting systems from traditional incandescent bulbs to more energy-efficient LED bulbs. In addition to being more energy-friendly, there is a savings of maintenance costs because the bulbs don’t have to be changed as often.

All businesses want to improve their facilities, and choosing which projects to prioritize can be difficult. So why retrofit your lighting system to LED? LED Retrofits provide the quickest ROI of any energy-related capital expense. It also improves lighting quality, morale and productivity in the workplace. By swapping to LED, you also reduce the energy consumption of your lighting system by up to 70 percent. This not only affects your billed kWh, but it can improve the demand rate of your facility as well. These lights last longer and require much less maintenance than existing systems. With an LED retrofit, you can eliminate bulbs and ballasts completely, allowing your maintenance team to focus on other projects. LED lighting is better for the environment. By using less energy, they reduce fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emission.

LIT enlisted LAB Digital Creative to build a logo, brand and website that explains its services as well as tells the story of the company. Using clean, modern logo design, the brand conveys a sense of ‘illumination.’

LAB built a logo that can be adapted as the company grows, as it is expected to. The website showcases LIT’s capabilities with a map that shows the wide, geographic range and ability that the company has.

The case study page may be the most interesting in that it highlights notable projects and relays the cost and energy savings that clients experience.

Further, the sleek icons and graphics are eye-catching, and the site is built in a way that it can expand as the company expands.

LAB is excited to launch this new site for LIT and show the world how it can benefit from a lighting retrofit.

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“The guys from LAB did an excellent job. Their creative work with my company’s website and branding not only improved our online presence, but also helped focus our marketing and sales strategies.”
—James Hardin, President, LIT



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