7 Local Marketing Mistakes Businesses Make

Alan Hudgins

Alan Hudgins

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Most business owners are aware of the importance of marketing, but according to Forbes, one in five business don’t do any type of marketing. However, marketing to a local area market is a skill that can be tricky to get just right. Here are seven local marketing mistakes that businesses often make:



Not doing any marketing at all. Wanting to run a successful thriving business without marketing is an impossible task.



Not having a website. According to another Forbes article, 97% of consumers search online for products and services, and more than half of searches are local. What’s more, according to the non-profit organization SCORE, just 51% of small businesses have websites. In today’s technology-driven society, having a website is key to beginning to successfully market your business.



Not differentiating yourself from the competition. In a sea of sameness, what’s unique that you’re offering to your clients? You need to be distinctive and be able to explain why people should do business with you, rather than your competitors. Want a deep dive into differentiating yourself from others? Check out the book “Positioning.”



Not having or using a marketing plan. Without a strategic plan, how do you know where you are and where you can go? Remember, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

At minimum, your marketing plan should include your target audience, your unique selling position, how you’ll promote your business, how much you’d like to spend on marketing and consider consulting with a marketing agency (like LAB!) for help.



Not using your marketing budget wisely. Some companies spend their entire marketing budget at one time or in one area. A well-balanced marketing budget will include digital marketing, or at least search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

Experts recommend at least 12% of your annual budget be dedicated to marketing for established companies. For start-ups and newer companies, 20% is recommended.



Not watching with your competitors are doing. Keep tabs on what successful businesses are doing in your industry. Take notes, study what works, and leverage others’ successes and failures. If a company is doing something repeatedly, then it’s likely working.



Not tracking results. If you don’t track, you don’t know what’s working or not working. This mistake is common among both small/startup companies as well as more established companies. Measuring results and refining your approach is essential to success.


Does this sound overwhelming? Let us help you craft the perfect marketing plan and execute on it. Get in touch today to learn how LAB Digital can help develop and execute a strategic marketing plan to set you up for success.



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