7 Reasons We Love WordPress

We believe in using the best tools to achieve the best results for our clients. LAB Digital Creative is a leader in Memphis in building websites on the WordPress Content Management System.


WordPress allows you to easily edit your content

Making changes the photos and text on your website couldn’t be easier. It requires no special technical skills. If a you can use Outlook or Microsoft Word, you can easily use this. A website that is kept up-to-date is far more relevant than one that has been allowed to lapse with old content.


WordPress open source

WordPress is an open source, which allows anyone to use it and modify it for free. If in the future a client who has a site we’ve built wanted to work with someone else, they easily could have another web development company change their site. There is a community of developers making WordPress continually better, it receives updates monthly to keep it up-to-date. This makes it the obvious choice for an excellent content management system.

Conversely, In Memphis, two of the major web design design companies use a proprietary Content Management System, which only they can work on. They lock clients into closed off system. This costs clients if exiting these closed systems.


WordPress allows us to build beautiful websites

LAB works hard to create beautiful, engaging websites in Memphis. WordPress is the perfect platform to do this with. Websites should be bold, media-rich experiences.


WordPress excellent for Search Engine Optimization

WordPress was designed to be super-indexable by Google and other search engines from the start. Search Engine visibility is critical for success in today’s marketplace A LAB-built website on WordPress is primed to be taken to the next level with an SEO campaign.


WordPress is powerful

WordPress sites and infinitely scalable. 35%1 of all websites are now powered by WordPress. Companies such as Mercedes-Benz, BBC, and the New Yorker Magazine use WordPress as their platform of choice.


WordPress is super flexible

We can add many forms of functionality to your website with WordPress, including membership/members areas, events calendars, and much much more.


WordPress is easy to secure

With LAB’s hosting platform and methods, WordPress sites built and hosted by LAB Digital Creative are easy to secure. To date, we’ve never had a breach.
Using best practices, WordPress can be very secure. Low budget hosting and poor practices can make WordPress insecure however.

WordPress is the best choice for platform for your new website. LAB Digital Creative is the best choice of website designer in Memphis. Get in touch with us today to take your marketing to the next level.

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