Hello World. Introducing the Launch of LAB Digital Creative

Hello, world! We are LAB Digital Creative! We are passionate and experienced in design and marketing and want to help small- to medium-sized businesses achieve their marketing goals.

We realize that many businesses need a nimble and flexible team who can provide digital marketing solutions that can help differentiate you from the competition. You need a customized, modern website that can separate you from the rest of the pack.

With our background in design, marketing and business development, we can deliver these and more in a boutique setting with customer relationships always being put first.

There are a lot of great digital marketing agencies in Memphis, but we’re unique in that we’re a small footprint with a big impact, and we know the business better than anyone.

Michael Newsome (left), Alan Hudgins (right)

LAB is led by Michael Newsome and Alan Hudgins—two individuals with unique skills to offer clients a well-rounded digital marketing package.

Michael Newsome’s background is in banking. He understands running a business, the financials behind a company and the leadership it takes to take a company to the next level.

Alan, on the other hand, is the creative mind behind LAB. He has worked with clients of all sizes to build websites, logos and brands that are transcendent, strategic and innovative in a cluttered world of marketing.

So, that’s who we are. We’re excited to meet you. Do you have questions about websites or digital marketing or just want to drop us a line? E-mail hello@labdigitalcreative.com.



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