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WISPR Systems Website Design

WISPR Systems, a pioneering manufacturer of American-made commercial drones, needed a digital platform that not only reflected the cutting-edge technology of its products but also emphasized its American heritage and Mississippi roots. The primary goal was to create a website that stands out in the competitive drone market with a bold, visually striking design, comprehensive product information and top-tier security features.

We designed WISPR’s new website to highlight the American-made quality and the local roots of the company by developing a content strategy that aligns with the brand’s focus on innovation and “Made in America” messaging. We integrated patriotic elements subtly throughout the design to emphasize the company’s American origin. We also adopted a bold color scheme and strong typography to make the website visually compelling and to reflect the robustness of WISPR Systems’ products.

We wanted potential customers to be able to learn about the range of drones and payloads with interactive features that allow visitors to explore drone specifications and capabilities.

Also, we had to ensure the website met the highest security benchmarks, given the nature of the products and competition by conducting security audits to ensure the site was impervious to common vulnerabilities. The site was built on a secure WordPress framework with additional custom security plugins and SSL encryption to ensure data integrity and security.

The redesigned WISPR Systems website has not only elevated the brand’s digital presence but also firmly established its identity as a proud American-made drone manufacturer. Through strategic design choices and innovative features, we were able to create a platform that effectively communicates the brand’s core values and technological prowess to a diverse audience.



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