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7 Website Design Trends to watch for in 2020

A new year brings new website design trends to watch for on the web. Generally speaking, users will see an increase in a ‘graphic’ or ‘print’ style of design. We’ve compiled seven website design trends to be on the lookout for in 2020.


Vintage-Inspired but not Retro

Instead of a full retro or throwback look, we can expect to see adoption of vintage color schemes and typography strikingly paired with modern layouts and elements.


Text-Only Heroes

Hero sections (what people in the design industry like to call the first section of a website design) will begin to look a little different in the new year. In years past, hero sections often included large, full-width images, with a grey filter and white text placed over. In recent years, short looping videos have become trendy. The new year will see large typography and possibly subtle animation effects, but an attrition of videos and images in the hero section.


Grids meet ‘Cards’

All websites and graphic design layouts use an invisible grid to assist designers. In 2020, we expect to see the grid come out from the shadows and step into the limelight as a design element itself. This along with the popular ‘cards’ design trend will see websites place information on card cells that are distinct from one another.


Black and White Color Schemes

In 2019, we began to see a rise in monochromatic color schemes, but in 2020, we expect to see straight black and white with little gradation in the middle.


Geometric Shapes and Patterns

In 2019, we saw a great increase in fluid, organic shapes. In the new year, we expect to see geometric, basic shapes paired with lines and patterns.


Soft Shadows and Floating 3D Elements

The mid 2010’s saw the popularity of flat design, with no use of shadow or gradient. That trend has fizzled out. We expect to see more soft shadows that allow elements on the page to have a sense of depth. Also, we expect to see 3D-rendered elements and graphics, floating mid-page to make a statement.


Ultra White Space & Minimalist Design

One of the most intriguing trends we expect to see in 2020 is an increase of website design layouts with generous amounts of white space. White Space, often times called negative space, is the amount of the page not covered with type, photos, graphics or other objects. This treatment allows the elements on the page to gain importance in visual hierarchy. Alongside the increased white space, website designs will exhibit minimalism style.

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