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Creating a Brand and Website for a New Cybersecurity Firm Skinner Technology Group

Memphis-based website and digital marketing firm LAB Digital creative is excited to share a new website launch for Skinner Technology Group!

Skinner is a new cybersecurity firm founded by Mike Skinner, who has more than two decades of experience in the industry. Skinner’s primary goal is to bridge the gap between IT and business operations, serving banks, credit unions, health care/medical practices, professional services firms and small businesses throughout west Tennessee, north Mississippi and east Arkansas.

Services provided include cyber risk assessment and advisory, vulnerability assessments, cybersecurity recruitment, SOC readiness as well as cybersecurity training and awareness.

When tasked with developing Skinner’s brand, the LAB team wanted to create a brand that has an open and approachable feel without any scare tactics or dark/shadowed looks, avoiding any tech-related stereotypes. Instead, we wanted to build a brand image that would resonate with being confident, trustworthy, capable, accessible and modern, while incorporating “STG” in the logo.

After the branding was created, LAB got to work on the website focusing on the following features:

• Easy to navigate

• Simple to understand what Skinner does

• Dedicated landing pages for each industry Skinner serves
• Built to be secure
• Friendly design, with illustrations of people using technology
• ‘Human-centered’

The result is an informative, approach, easy to use website that effectively highlights Skinner Technology Group’s capabilities and expertise.

Are you ready to take your brand and website to the next level? Reach out to us to see how the LAB Digital team can help.



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