How Your Website Can Be Your Biggest Digital Strategy Asset

Your website is a critical component of your overall marketing strategy. But have you thought through just how much your website can work for you? We put together some thoughts around how your website can be your biggest digital strategy asset.


It’s the hub of your digital marketing wheel

While we all certainly know the power of social media, a great website, if used well, can become the hub of your social media wheel. Funneling traffic from your social media platforms to your website allows you to make the most of the opportunity. Unlike social media platforms, you own your website; therefore, you can control it.


Your website provides you with a rich set of data on your visitors

The amount of information available about the visitors to your website is staggering. From location, to demographics and what they do once they are on your site, the amount and quality of data can’t be rivaled. This data set allows you to gain insight and make smarter marketing decisions.


It speaks to professionalism and can reinforce legitimacy

Potential clients and customers will often vet companies they may do business with online. Having a professionally produced website reinforces legitimacy and makes your company appear more professional. These days, not having a website—or having an amateurish website—may cause potential clients to rule you out.


It can reinforce your branding

Unlike social media platforms, you can control the design and aesthetic of your website to reinforce your brand. This is a powerful way to set yourself apart from your competitors.


It’s your online shop window

These days, more than ever, your website is your digital storefront. We all know many professional services companies that will spend a small fortune outfitting their conference room, but how much more important is it to outfit the place potential clients are much more likely to see and experience?


Lead generation

The beautiful thing about a website is that it helps you generate leads 24/7. Without you actively doing anything, your website can constantly be working to earn your business with more customers. Along with a solid SEO campaign, your website will be optimized to boost the chances of being found for the particular products and services you offer.

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