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LAB scrubs in to build Elite Total Wellness a new logo and brand

LAB Digital Creative is thrilled to scrub in and build a new logo and brand for Elite Total Wellness. Elite originally began as a clinic for Men’s Health, and then began offering quick care services. Elite then began expanding their service offerings, adding Medical Aesthetics, Hydration Therapy, Women’s Care and more. However, their old brand didn’t reflect the fact that Elite was now opened up to more people and possibilities. LAB’s task was to create a brand that could speak to a broader audience and be more welcoming to all genders.

The new logo makes use of four interwoven panels that create the form of a Greek Cross, a symbol long associated with healthcare (in fact, in many European cities this is the symbol for a pharmacy). Also, we adjusted the name from ‘Elite Total Health’ to ‘Elite Total Wellness’ to reflect the fact that Wellness encompasses both health in general but also living one’s best life through comprehensive care of the mind, body and appearance.

LAB capitalized on the fact that Elite Total Wellness’ offices are located on a highly-visible corner with a stoplight. We designed exterior signage that announces the various services Elite offers. In additional to the exterior signage designed to reach motorists, sandwich boards were designed to interact with the many downtowners and tourists who walk along Main Street. You’ll likely see these come to fruition during a stroll down Main Street soon along with a revamped website design.

LAB developed cheeky messaging to help promote the ancillary services Elite provides, such as Hydration Therapy and Medical Aesthetics. Striking headlines like “Does Selfie Mode Scare You?” to promote double-chin busting Kybella® take a playful tone.

Branding & Logo Design

Color and Typography Palette

Promotional Direct Mail Piece

Scrub Uniform Design

Exterior Signage Design

Promotional Signage Design and Messaging

Promotional Signage Design and Messaging



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